A little bit of nostalgia…

I remember growing up in the late 80s and early 90s, doing something that today’s kids rarely do anymore, play outside. I’m from New York, the Bronx, actually. Before Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and cell phones, that’s what we did. What else was there to do with no social media or computers? We had our video games, but, that was our last resort. A least for the guys on my block. I’m not saying we were the first to do it, all our fathers did it, but we are probably the last generation to play outside. I mean we did everything, all sports from sunrise to way past sundown, especially in the summer time. When we weren’t playing organized team sports we were out racing on our big wheels. Anyone remember those things? (Like if you remember). We ride bikes, rollerblade (a staple of the 90s) even played dangerous games as manhunt and suicide. Nintendo was popular, yes and we did balance our time on weekends playing video games, but, we were always out. Safety was not an issue. Correction, not as big of an issue. Sure kids got kidnapped or lost, that happens. But, I think parents weren’t as paranoid as they are today. It’s probably because the kids are too cooped up inside playing video games and never leave their sight. I don’t know, just a thought. The last time I played a video game I got tired of it loading and turned it off. I’m the oldest of 4 children, there is a ten year gap from me and the youngest, so we didn’t have the same circle of friends. I had my crew, the same 5 guys, with an addition here or there in the summer because, they were visiting grandma. We did this well into my teens, until we all moved on with our lives. I was a baseball player, since I was about 4 years old, my father taught me the love of this beautiful sport. And I was good at it. Being a kid from an inner city, I sometime thought I was too good. Whatever. But it’s what I knew, what I wanted to do, professionally. But I didn’t realize how difficult it was, I was a bit naive. All of us on the block did it, we all played either with or against each other in a league. But we all practiced together on the block. Football was an all year round sport, not one of my favorites, but, I did it. I also did martial arts. My pops always wanted me to be tough, so he enrolled me in the martial arts and I really enjoyed it. It made me tough and kept me in shape.
Times have defiantly changed. I remember when bike helmets weren’t required, car seats weren’t required. We had to go to a library to get information. Not just log on to Wikipedia. We saw the start of today’s technology, and the golden age of hip hop, just to name a few. My son found out, I didn’t get cable until I moved out on my own, he asked me, “Pop, what did you do without the internet or cable?” I looked at him and said, “Had fun.” Im not saying my childhood was better, but it sure was memorable.


2 thoughts on “A little bit of nostalgia…”

  1. Yessss… this generation is so different (Just as our parents, grandparents etc… thought). I believe the children of today are more privileged than the children of yesterday. Things are not earned but more easily given. Outside? What is outside they ask??? And here’s the killer for me, in the process of it all we forget to teach our little ones about God.


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